Mikasa BV550C set 6+BAG

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Official match ball of the FIVB Model BV550C.  

Set of 6 balls and Wise. 6 ball bag.

  • New “Triclor” design for excellent visibility, improved TwinSTLock stitching technology for better water resistance 
  • 10-panel construction with “Dimple” surface technology for perfect grip and maximum ball control, with new valve shape for longer durability 
  • High-quality synthetic leather surface material made of recycled nylon with double layer “No-Leak” butyl rubber bladder and two-layer textile layer carcass 
  • Size: 5 | Circumference: 66-68 cm | Weight: 260-280 g

Additional information

Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 20 cm


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