Mikasa V200W set 6+BAG

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Official FIVB Game Ball
Set of 6 balls and Wise. 6 ball bag.
18-panel aerodynamic design that improves ball movement and gives players greater control. With enhanced visibility, the new indoor ball will optimise the quality of play and maximise excitement on the court.
– The double-dimpled microfiber surface stabilises the flight path of the ball and creates additional cushioned ball control, whilst the anti-sweat functionality “Nano Balloon Silica” prevents the surface of the ball from becoming slippery during intense play. The ball exceeds the FIVB’s homologation standards and passed stringent testing protocols, carried out by leading national teams and clubs over the last six months.

Advanced aerodynamic engineering
Embossed and double-dimpled surface
Exclusive soft micro-fiber cover
Nylon would center
Size 5  Official

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Weight 1500 g